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PDFWAC 246-843-231

Temporary practice permits.

(1) An applicant seeking permanent licensure who satisfies all licensing requirements other than a fingerprint-based national background check may receive a temporary practice permit by satisfying requirements listed in WAC 246-12-050.
(2) Temporary practice permits for applicants seeking licensure for interim placement at specific facilities.
(a) A temporary practice permit for interim placement at specific facilities may be issued to an applicant who meets the following conditions:
(i) Holds an unrestricted active license in another state;
(ii) Is not subject to denial of a license or issuance of a conditional or restricted license; and
(iii) There are no violations identified in the Washington criminal background check and the applicant meets all other licensure conditions including receipt by DOH of a completed Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint card.
(b) The temporary practice permit allows the applicant to work in the state of Washington as a nursing home administrator during the time specified on the permit. The temporary practice permit grants the applicant a license to practice within the full scope of practice as a nursing home administrator with the following conditions:
(i) A temporary practice permit is valid only for the specific nursing home for which it is issued unless otherwise approved by the board;
(ii) A temporary permit holder shall consult with a Washington state licensed nursing home administrator with whom they have a written agreement for consultation.
(c) A temporary practice permit will not be renewed, reissued, or extended. A temporary practice permit expires when one of the following occurs:
(i) The permit holder departs from the nursing home, unless otherwise approved by the board;
(ii) One hundred eighty days after the temporary practice permit is issued.
(d) To receive a temporary practice permit, the applicant shall submit to DOH:
(i) Fees and a completed application for the permit;
(ii) Verification from each state in which the applicant is currently licensed and is in good standing as a nursing home administrator; and
(iii) A written agreement for consultation with a Washington state licensed nursing home administrator.
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