Chapter 246-836 WAC

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WAC Sections

246-836-020Requirements for licensure.
246-836-030Licensure examinations accepted by the board.
246-836-040Jurisprudence examinations.
246-836-080Continuing competency program.
246-836-100Applicants educated and/or licensed in another country.
246-836-110Licensing by endorsement.
246-836-120Reciprocity or waiver of examination requirements.
246-836-130Approval of colleges of naturopathic medicine.
246-836-140Provisional approval of colleges of naturopathic medicine.
246-836-150Full approval of colleges of naturopathic medicine.
246-836-160Unapproved college of naturopathic medicine.
246-836-170Appeal of board's decisions.
246-836-180Standards for approval of colleges of naturopathic medicine.
246-836-200Site review procedures for approval of college of naturopathic medicine.
246-836-210Authority to use, prescribe, dispense and order.
246-836-211Authorization regarding controlled substances.
246-836-220Intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous, and intradermal injections.
246-836-330Mandatory reporting.
246-836-410AIDS prevention and information education requirements.
246-836-500Sexual misconduct—Definitions.
246-836-510Sexual misconduct.
246-836-600How to obtain a temporary practice permit—National background check.
246-836-700Temporary practice permit—Military spouse eligibility and issuance.
246-836-990Naturopathic physician licensing fees and renewal cycle.
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