Chapter 246-828 WAC

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WAC Sections

246-828-045Interim permit—Audiologist and speech-language pathologist.
246-828-04503Postgraduate professional work experience requirements—Audiologist and speech-language pathologist.
246-828-04505Supervision of audiologist and speech-language pathologist interim permit holders.
246-828-075Supervisors of students.
246-828-080Minimum standards of equipment.
246-828-090Standards for equipment calibration.
246-828-095Audiology minimum standards of practice.
246-828-100Hearing instrument fitting and dispensing—Minimum standards of practice.
246-828-105Speech-language pathology—Minimum standards of practice.
246-828-112Speech-language pathology assistants—Minimum standards of practice.
246-828-220Unfair or deceptive practices, unethical conduct and unfair methods of competition—Used or rebuilt products.
246-828-270Personal disclosure.
246-828-290Purchaser rescission rights.
246-828-295Inactive credential.
246-828-300Expired license or certification.
246-828-305How to obtain a temporary practice permit while the national background check is completed.
246-828-315Temporary practice permit—Military spouse.
246-828-320Minimum standards for fitting and dispensing locations.
246-828-330Notice of availability and location of follow-up services.
246-828-350Reasonable cause for rescission.
246-828-370HIV/AIDS prevention and information education requirements.
246-828-510Continuing education.
246-828-570Adjudicative proceedings.
246-828-600Approval of programs for hearing aid specialist instruction.
246-828-610Process for denying or rescinding approval of a program for hearing aid specialist instruction.
246-828-615Standards for hearing aid specialist programs.
246-828-617Requirements for speech-language pathology assistant certification.
246-828-620Definitions—Sexual misconduct.
246-828-625Sexual misconduct.
246-828-990Hearing aid specialist, audiologist, speech-language pathologist, and speech-language pathology assistant fees and renewal cycle.
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