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PDFWAC 246-790-075

Vendor application.

(1) To be considered for WIC vendor authorization, an applicant must:
(a) Be a food vendor that meets or exceeds all selection criteria listed in WAC 246-790-077;
(b) Apply to the department using the required format;
(c) Provide complete and truthful information in the application;
(d) Allow the department to inspect the store; and
(e) Participate in training on WIC program requirements.
(2) If the department declines an application, the applicant may reapply no sooner than six months afterwards.
(3) Before declining an application for the first time, the department shall give an applicant thirty days' notice to submit missing materials or information, if such is the basis for denial.
(4) An applicant may request an exemption to the vendor selection criteria in WAC 246-790-077.
(a) The request must:
(i) Be in writing, dated, and signed by the applicant;
(ii) Explain the reasons for the request in detail;
(iii) Demonstrate how the requested exemption is consistent with the requirements, purpose, and objectives of the program; and
(iv) List, in the body of the request, the physical address of the applicant.
(b) The department may grant the requested exemption if the applicant's request conforms to (a) of this subsection and the department determines that allowing the exemption is consistent with the requirements, purpose, and objectives of the program and is necessary to assure participant access.
(c) The department shall respond in writing to a request for exemption with its decision to grant or deny the request.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.120. WSR 18-23-080, § 246-790-075, filed 11/19/18, effective 12/20/18; WSR 14-21-110, § 246-790-075, filed 10/16/14, effective 11/16/14; WSR 11-23-125, § 246-790-075, filed 11/21/11, effective 12/22/11.]
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