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PDFWAC 246-390-055

Reporting contracted analytical results.

(1) A contracting lab that contracts with another lab shall:
(a) Verify that the contracted lab is currently certified in Washington to analyze samples for the contaminant;
(b) Notify the public water system that a sample will be contracted to another lab at the time the contracting lab confirms that the sample will be contracted out to another lab;
(c) Confirm that the contracted lab receives the sample within 14 calendar days of the contracting lab receiving the sample, but not to exceed a contaminant holding time if the holding time is less than 14 calendar days;
(d) Provide the following information to the contracted lab:
(i) The public water system's department assigned water system identification number;
(ii) The name of the public water system;
(iii) The date the sample was collected;
(iv) The location where the sample was collected;
(v) The public water system's department assigned source identification number;
(vi) The purpose for the sample;
(vii) The sample composition; and
(viii) The sample type;
(e) Identify, on the final analytical results to the public water system, which sample results were contracted to another lab and clearly identify the lab.
(2) A contracted lab that receives a sample from a contracting lab shall:
(a) Submit to the department a copy of the analytical results following the requirements under WAC 246-390-065 and 246-390-075;
(b) Submit a copy of the analytical results to the contracting lab in the format and time frame per the contract terms established between the contracting lab and the contracted lab.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and 70A.125.080. WSR 21-23-096, § 246-390-055, filed 11/17/21, effective 1/1/22. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and 70.119A.080. WSR 18-09-048, § 246-390-055, filed 4/13/18, effective 5/14/18.]
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