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PDFWAC 246-335-515

Plan of operation.

The applicant or licensee must develop and implement a plan of operation which includes:
(1) A description of the organizational structure;
(2) Personnel job descriptions according to WAC 246-335-525(2);
(3) Responsibilities of contractors and volunteers;
(4) Services to be provided;
(5) The days and hours of agency operation;
(6) Criteria for management and supervision of home health services throughout all approved service areas, which include:
(a) How the initial assessment and development of the plan of care will be completed per WAC 246-335-540;
(b) How supervision of personnel and volunteers and monitoring of services provided by contractors will occur which meet the requirements of WAC 246-335-545;
(c) How performance evaluations for personnel and volunteers and evaluation of services provided by contractors will be conducted per WAC 246-335-525 (16) and (17); and
(d) How the quality improvement program required in WAC 246-335-555 will be applied throughout all approved service areas.
(7) A process to inform patients of alternative services prior to ceasing operation or when the licensee is unable to meet the patient's needs;
(8) A plan for preserving records, including the process to preserve or dispose of records prior to ceasing operation according to WAC 246-335-550 (7) and (8);
(9) Time frames for filing documents in the patient records;
(10) Emergency preparedness that addresses service delivery when natural disasters, man-made incidents, or public health emergencies occur that prevent normal agency operation. Include, at minimum: Risk assessment and emergency planning, communication plan, coordination of service delivery with emergency personnel to meet emergent needs of patients, and staff training;
(11) The applicant or licensee must identify an administrator. The administrator must be a home health employee and possess education and experience required by the agency's policies. The administrator is responsible to:
(a) Oversee the day-to-day operation and fiscal affairs of the agency;
(b) Implement the provisions of this section;
(c) Designate in writing an alternate to act in the administrator's absence;
(d) Provide management and supervision of services throughout all approved service areas according to subsection (6) of this section;
(e) Arrange for necessary services;
(f) Keep contracts current and consistent with WAC 246-335-525(4);
(g) Serve as a liaison between the licensee, personnel, contractors and volunteers;
(h) Ensure personnel, contractors and volunteers are currently credentialed by the state of Washington, when appropriate, according to applicable practice acts and consistent with WAC 246-335-525(5);
(i) Ensure personnel, contractors and volunteers comply with the licensee's policies and procedures;
(j) Implement a quality improvement process consistent with WAC 246-335-555;
(k) Manage recordkeeping according to WAC 246-335-550;
(l) Ensure supplies and equipment necessary to patient care are available, maintained, and in working order;
(m) Ensure the accuracy of public information materials; and
(n) Ensure current written policies and procedures are accessible to personnel, contractors, and volunteers during hours of operation.
(12) The licensee must continue to update its plan of operation to reflect current practice, services provided by the agency, and state and local laws.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.127.120 and 43.70.250. WSR 18-06-093, ยง 246-335-515, filed 3/6/18, effective 4/6/18.]
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