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PDFWAC 246-324-190

Provisions for patients with tuberculosis.

A licensee providing inpatient services for patients with suspected or known infectious tuberculosis shall:
(1) Design patient rooms with:
(a) Ventilation to maintain a negative pressure condition in each patient room relative to adjacent spaces, except bath and toilet areas, with:
(i) Air movement or exhaust from the patient room to the out-of-doors with the exhaust grille located over the head of the bed;
(ii) Exhaust at the rate of six air changes per hour; and
(iii) Make-up or supply air from adjacent ventilated spaces for four or less air changes per hour, and tempered outside air for two or more air changes per hour;
(iv) Ultraviolet generator irradiation as follows:
(A) Use of ultraviolet fluorescent fixtures with lamps emitting wave length of 253.7 nanometers;
(B) The average reflected irradiance less than 0.2 microwatts per square centimeter in the room at the five foot level;
(C) Wall-mount type of fixture installed over the head of the bed, as close to the ceiling as possible to irradiate the area of the exhaust grille and the ceiling; and
(D) Lamps changed as recommended by the manufacturer; and
(b) An adjoining bathroom and toilet room with bedpan washer; and
(2) Provide discharge information to the health department of the patient's county of residence.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 71.12 RCW and RCW 43.60.040. WSR 95-22-013, ยง 246-324-190, filed 10/20/95, effective 11/20/95.]
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