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PDFWAC 230-06-106

Limited transfers of ownership allowed.

Gambling licenses must not be transferred to another person or entity until the licensee requesting the transfer has received written approval from us. All requests to transfer a license must be in the format we require. Licensees may request to transfer a gambling license under the following conditions:
Commercial businesses
(1) A commercial business may request to transfer their license to another business when:
(a) The ownership is exactly the same for both businesses, for example a partnership becomes a limited liability company (LLC); and
(b) The licensed gambling activity will be conducted at the same business premises.
Charitable or nonprofit organizations
(2) A bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization may request to transfer their gambling license to another bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization after a completed merger or consolidation.
(3) If one partner in a partnership leaves and is not replaced, the remaining partner(s) must submit a transfer application to document the transfer of ownership to the remaining partner(s).
Sole proprietorship
(4) A sole proprietor may request to transfer their license to a partnership, corporation or LLC, which is solely owned by the same person.
Death, bankruptcy and other special circumstances
(5) A licensed operator may transfer their license when proven incapacity, death, receivership, bankruptcy or assignment for benefit of creditors to a court-appointed or court-confirmed guardian, executor or administrator, receiver, trustee, or assignee for the benefit of creditors occurs. The person to whom the license is transferred may continue to operate under the license.
(a) Transfers are allowed when:
(i) A transfer fee is paid; and
(ii) The person to whom the license is transferred is qualified to hold a gambling license; and
(iii) We give prior written approval.
(b) The license is renewable based on the original expiration date of the license; and
(c) Any transferred license will be void when the person to whom the license was transferred no longer holds the court-appointed, or court-confirmed, position.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 08-03-062 (Order 623), ยง 230-06-106, filed 1/14/08, effective 2/14/08.]
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