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PDFWAC 220-350-120

DefinitionsReef net.

"Reef net" shall be defined as a non self-fishing open bunt square or rectangular section of mesh netting suspended between two anchored boats fashioned in such a manner that to impound salmon passing over the net, the net be raised to the surface. The lead or leads of any "reef net" must be floating at all times, except under stress of tidal conditions, and shall not be fixed to any piling whatsoever, nor shall the lead or leads be constructed of any kind of mesh webbing. In the construction of any "reef net" no principle of a fyke net or fish trap may be employed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 77.04.012, 77.04.013, 77.04.020, 77.04.055, and 77.12.047. WSR 17-05-112 (Order 17-04), recodified as § 220-350-120, filed 2/15/17, effective 3/18/17; Order 810, § 220-16-080, filed 4/17/69. Formerly WAC 220-16-010 (part).]
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