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PDFWAC 197-11-230

Timing of an integrated GMA/SEPA process.

(1) A formal SEPA document (which may be a draft integrated GMA document under WAC 197-11-235):
(a) Shall be prepared and issued no later than the time that a proposed GMA action is issued for public and interagency review. For comprehensive plans and development regulations, the date of issue shall be at least sixty days prior to final adoption under RCW 36.70A.106;
(b) Shall be provided:
(i) To the legislative body that will consider issuing a GMA action; and
(ii) To any advisory body designated by the local legislative body or chief executive of the city or county to make a formal recommendation to the local legislative body on whether to propose a GMA action. The draft document shall also be circulated as otherwise required by WAC 197-11-455 or 197-11-340 as appropriate.
(2) The responsible official shall make a SEPA threshold determination:
(a) At any time, as long as it is early enough in the process so that the appropriate environmental document can accompany or be combined with a proposed GMA action;
(b) As soon as it can be determined under WAC 197-11-330 that a significant adverse environmental impact is likely to result from the implementation of the GMA action being developed.
(3) A threshold determination is not required when there has been a previous threshold determination or a notice of adoption or an addendum is prepared, except when a new threshold determination is required pursuant to WAC 197-11-600(3).
(4) If a formal SEPA document is issued concurrently with a proposed GMA action which has a public comment period, the public comment period on the formal SEPA document shall be the same as the comment period on the GMA action, provided the comment period is not less than otherwise required of a SEPA document. (See WAC 197-11-340 (2)(c) and 197-11-455(6).)
(5) When a draft integration GMA document includes a draft EIS, the final EIS and the adoption of the GMA document may occur together, notwithstanding the requirements of WAC 197-11-460(5).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.110. WSR 95-07-023 (Order 94-22), § 197-11-230, filed 3/6/95, effective 4/6/95.]
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