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PDFWAC 196-16-007

Eligibility and applications.

The law requires eight years of experience in land surveying work of a character satisfactory to the board and passing the fundamentals-of-land surveying examination to be eligible for the professional land surveyor examination. The eight years of experience must be completed sixty days prior to the date of the examination.
All applications must be completed on forms provided by the board and filed with the executive director at the board's address. The deadline for properly completed applications accompanied by the appropriate fee as listed in WAC 196-26A-025 is four months prior to the date of the examination. Late applications will be considered for a later examination. Supporting documents such as college transcripts and experience verification forms must be received by the board three months prior to the date of the examination in order for the board to determine eligibility prior to examination deadlines. Failure to have the supporting documents sent to the board by the defined deadline will result in the applicant being delayed until a later examination.
Once an application has been approved, no further application is required. An applicant who has taken an examination and failed or who qualified for an examination but did not take it shall request to take or retake the examination at least three months prior to the examination date. A written request accompanied by the applicable fee as listed in WAC 196-26A-025 is required to reschedule for an examination.
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