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PDFWAC 196-12-010

Licensure requirements for all applicantsInitial licensure and licensed in another jurisdiction.

To become licensed as a professional engineer in the state of Washington, whether you are applying for an initial license or you possess a license in another jurisdiction, you must meet the requirements for experience and examinations described below, which need not be completed within the state of Washington:
(1) Experience: Have eight years of experience in engineering work of a character satisfactory to the board:
(a) The eight years may be a combination of education and practical work experience.
(b) The eight years of experience must be broad based and progressive to include gaining knowledge and comprehension of engineering subjects and applying engineering principles.
(2) Examination requirements: An applicant must have received passing scores on two stages of examination(s). One must test the fundamentals of engineering and the other must test the principles and practice of engineering. Exam results must be independently verified by a NCEES member board, or a board approved foreign jurisdiction.
(a)(i) Fundamentals of engineering examination must meet the following requirements:
(ii) The examination must be either:
(A) The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) fundamentals-of-engineering (FE) examination; or
(B) An equivalent examination as determined by the board which tests the applicant's knowledge of appropriate fundamentals of engineering subjects including mathematics and the basic sciences as defined in RCW 18.43.040 (1)(b)(i) and was administered by a board approved foreign jurisdiction.
(b) Principles and practice of engineering examination: The principles and practice of engineering (PE) examination must be the examination administered by NCEES.
(3) Additional licensure requirements: An applicant must meet the following additional requirements for licensure:
(a) Receive a passing score on the Washington law review;
(b) Fully complete the application form to the satisfaction of the board; and
(c) Pay all applicable fees.
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