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PDFWAC 194-50-050

ASHRAE Standard 100, 2018Section 5Energy management plan.

Exception to 5.1.1 - Not adopted. Energy accounting in accordance with Section 5.2. In the initial year of compliance, the building's weather normalized energy use intensity (WNEUI) and energy-use intensity (EUI). Annual updates of the net energy use, WNEUI and EUI. Annual comparison of the net WNEUI and EUI to the energy target. Documentation of original, current, and changes in number of occupants, weekly operating hours, or time of day scheduled for occupancy, production rates, and energy using equipment that would have caused change in the measured WNEUI and EUI. Operations and Maintenance Plan including:
1. An operations and maintenance (O&M) program as defined in Section 6.
2. An O&M implementation plan as specified in Normative Annex L.
3. Implementation documentation as specified in L2.2.5 Documentation.
5.2.2 Energy-use data for each type of energy imported into and exported from the building shall be collected from utility or energy delivery bills (that must include the quantity of energy or fuel delivered) or by monitoring local energy meters (either utility or owner-provided meters). Owner-provided energy meters shall meet the metering accuracy, tolerances and testing requirements of Title 480 WAC.
5.2.3 Energy conversion factors. The site energy content of different forms of purchased energy shall be converted from the purchased unit to the standard site energy unit using the conversion factors incorporated in Energy Star portfolio manager.
5.2.4 The energy accounting system shall be Energy Star Portfolio Manager as specified in Normative Annex Z. - Not adopted. - Not adopted. - Not adopted.
Table 5-2a Site Energy Conversion Factors - Table not adopted.
Table 5-2b Primary Energy Conversion Factors - Table not adopted.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27A.210. WSR 20-22-059, § 194-50-050, filed 10/30/20, effective 11/30/20.]
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