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PDFWAC 181-82-201

Grade designations for endorsements obtained after August 31, 2000.

In order to implement the state's reform legislation, schools are reorganizing by developmental levels, by benchmarks, by student performance, etc. Therefore, the designation of mandatory grade levels on certificates for assignment purposes, no longer appears appropriate. The professional educator standards board does, however, wish to provide guidance to school districts in the placement of its certified staff and to colleges and universities in developing preparation programs by providing the following guidelines for grade and age designations:
(1) Early childhood: Birth to third grade (age eight).
(2) Elementary: Kindergarten (age five) to grade eight (age fourteen).
(3) Middle level: Grade four (age nine) to grade nine (age fifteen).
(4) Secondary: Grade five (age ten) to grade twelve (age eighteen).
(5) All levels: Preschool (birth) to grade twelve (age eighteen).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.410.210. WSR 06-14-010, § 181-82-201, filed 6/22/06, effective 7/23/06. WSR 06-02-051, recodified as § 181-82-201, filed 12/29/05, effective 1/1/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.305.130 (1) and (2), 28A.410.010 and 28A.150.220(4). WSR 99-04-008, § 180-82-201, filed 1/21/99, effective 2/21/99.]
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