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PDFWAC 173-900-600

What direct processors need to know to process CEPs for a CEP recycling plan.

(1) To be a direct processor and process CEPs for a plan under this chapter the direct processor must:
(a) Submit an initial registration form;
(b) Update registration information if it changes;
(c) Renew registration annually;
(d) Be identified as a direct processor in an ecology approved plan;
(e) Be in "in compliance" status on the "direct processor registration list" on ecology's website; and
(f) Meet the minimum or preferred performance standards, throughout the program year, assigned to the direct processor on the "direct processor registration list."
(2) At least thirty days prior to receiving CEPs for processing, the direct processor must submit a registration form to ecology and may not begin processing until ecology places the direct processor in "in compliance" status on the "direct processor registration list" on ecology's website.
Table 600
Direct Processor Status
Can a direct processor
process CEPs for a plan?
In compliance
"In compliance" means the direct processor is registered and complies with the requirements in WAC 173-900-650.
In violation
"In violation" means the direct processor is in violation of the requirements in this chapter and the plan cannot use the services of the direct processor until compliance is achieved.
Processor's name is not on the "processor registration list"
If the direct processor's name is not on the "direct processor registration list," that processor must not provide processing services to a plan or receive compensation from a plan for processing services.
(3) The authority shall contract with any processor that meets the direct processor performance standards in this chapter and meets any requirements described in the authority's operating plan or through contractual arrangements with the authority.
(a) Processors used by the standard plan shall:
(i) Provide documentation to the authority at least annually regarding how they are meeting the performance standards in WAC 173-900-650, including enough detail to allow the standard plan to meet the plan's annual reporting requirements (see annual reporting in WAC 173-900-800); and
(ii) Submit to annual compliance audits meeting the audit requirements in WAC 173-900-365 conducted by or for the authority.
(b) The authority shall compensate such processors for the reasonable costs, as determined by the authority, associated with processing unwanted electronic products.
(c) Such processors must demonstrate that the unwanted electronic products have been received from registered collectors or transporters and provide other documentation, as may be required by the authority.
(4) Registration under this chapter is only for purposes of administering the electronic product recycling program, and does not constitute endorsement by ecology of a particular registrant.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 70.95N, 70.105, and 70.105D RCW. WSR 07-21-013 (Order 07-05), § 173-900-600, filed 10/5/07, effective 11/5/07. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.95N RCW. WSR 06-23-040 (Order 06-07), § 173-900-600, filed 11/7/06, effective 12/8/06.]
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