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PDFWAC 173-345-050

Transporter registration.

(1) The rule applies to all transporters of recyclable materials as defined in WAC 173-345-030.
(2) For purposes of this rule "transporters" do not include:
(a) Carriers of commercial recyclable materials, when such materials are owned or being bought or sold by the entity or person, and being carried in their own vehicle, when such activity is incidental to the conduct of an entity or person's primary business;
(b) Entities or persons hauling their own recyclables or hauling recyclables they generated or purchased and transported in their own vehicles, including material recovery facilities hauling their own recyclable material;
(c) Nonprofit or charitable organizations collecting and transporting recyclable materials from a buyback center, drop box, or from a commercial or industrial generator of recyclable materials;
(d) City municipal solid waste departments or city solid waste contractors; or
(e) Common carriers permitted under chapter 81.80 RCW whose primary business is not the transportation of recyclable materials.
(3) Prior to the transportation of recyclable materials, all transporters of recyclable materials shall register with the department, and possess a common carrier permit issued by the Washington utilities and transportation commission.
(4) A transporter of recyclable materials who transports recyclable materials within the state without a transporter registration required by this section is subject to a civil penalty of up to one thousand dollars per violation.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.95 RCW and RCW 70.95.400 - [70.95.]430. WSR 09-09-131 (Order 07-16), ยง 173-345-050, filed 4/22/09, effective 5/23/09.]
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