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PDFWAC 173-334-070

How will the department identify chemicals for inclusion in the CHCC list?

(1) The department will consult with the department of health during the modification of the CHCC list.
(2) A chemical that the department determines to meet all of the following criteria may be included on the CHCC list:
(a) The toxicity, persistence, or bioaccumulativity criteria specified in RCW 70.240.010(9); and
(b) The exposure criteria specified in RCW 70.240.030(1).
(3) The department will consider both the parent chemical and its degradation products when deciding whether a chemical meets the criteria of this section. If a parent chemical does not meet the criteria in this section but degrades into chemicals that do, the parent chemical may be included on the CHCC list.
(4) A person may submit a petition for consideration by the department to add a chemical to or remove a chemical from the CHCC list. The petition must provide the following information:
(a) Chemical Abstracts Service registry number;
(b) Chemical prime name; and
(c) Credible peer-reviewed scientific information documenting why the chemical meets or fails to meet the criteria required for inclusion on the list.
(5) The department shall review petitions in accordance with RCW 34.05.330, the Administrative Procedure Act.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.240.060 and 70.240.035. WSR 17-20-050 (Order 16-08), § 173-334-070, filed 9/29/17, effective 10/30/17. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.240 RCW, RCW 70.240.040. WSR 11-16-008 (Order 09-04), § 173-334-070, filed 7/21/11, effective 8/21/11.]
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