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PDFWAC 172-90-020


(1) Associate vice president for academic policy (AVP): The AVP is primarily responsible for the university academic integrity program. The AVP or designee shall:
(a) Oversee the academic integrity program;
(b) Maintain a system for academic integrity reporting and recordkeeping;
(c) Serve as the final authority in administering the academic integrity program;
(d) Maintain all academic integrity records per Washington state records retention standards;
(e) Coordinate academic integrity training for instructors and students, as needed or requested; and
(f) Develop and/or facilitate development of academic integrity program support resources, including guides, procedures, web presence, training materials, presentations, and similar resources.
Throughout this chapter and unless otherwise stated, the term "AVP," shall mean the AVP who is handling the academic integrity case or their designee.
(2) Academic integrity board (AIB): The academic integrity board is a standing committee of the faculty organization. The academic integrity board is responsible for administering and managing academic integrity functions.
(a) The AIB shall:
(i) Promote academic integrity at EWU;
(ii) Review academic integrity cases, make determinations as to whether a violation occurred, and impose academic and/or institutional sanctions;
(iii) Conduct academic integrity board hearings;
(iv) Assist the AVP in development of academic integrity program support resources;
(v) Respond, as appropriate, to campus needs related to the academic integrity program;
(vi) Coordinate AIB activities with the AVP; and
(vii) Continually assess academic integrity process outcomes to ensure equitability of sanctions vis-à-vis violations.
(b) The AIB is appointed by the faculty senate based on recommendations from represented groups (e.g., colleges, library, ASEWU). The AIB will select among its members a chair and vice chair. Board composition or membership may be modified to support university needs with the consent of the AVP and approval of the provost. At a minimum, AIB membership will include:
(i) Two members from each college, one primary and one alternate. Both must hold or have held instructor rank. The primary and alternate must be from different academic departments. The alternate shall serve when a case involves an instructor in the primary member's own department. The alternate may also serve when the primary member is not available. One of the primary members shall also be designated as vice chair.
(ii) One member representing EWU libraries and one alternate.
(iii) One student member representing ASEWU.
(iv) One chair (does not vote except to break a tie).
(c) The AIB holds regular meetings to review cases the first and third Thursdays of every month, or as set forth by the faculty organization. AIB reviews are held in abeyance during holidays, academic breaks, and other times when no classes are scheduled. AIB reviews may be canceled in other circumstances with the consent of the AIB chair. Any member who is unavailable shall inform the AIB chair who will arrange for a replacement.
(d) A quorum shall consist of three voting members plus the chair or vice chair.
(3) Instructors shall:
(a) Know and follow the academic integrity rules and policies of the university;
(b) Include, in each course syllabus, a reference to university academic integrity standards and a clear statement that suspected violations will be handled in accordance with those standards;
(c) Hold students responsible for knowing these rules;
(d) Foster an environment where academic integrity is expected and respected;
(e) Endeavor to detect and properly handle violations of academic integrity; and
(f) Support and comply with the determinations of the AIB and the AVP.
(4) Students shall:
(a) Demonstrate behavior that is honest and ethical in their academic work; and
(b) Know and follow the academic integrity rules and policies of the university.
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