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PDFWAC 172-121-075

Conflicts of interest.

(1) Individuals who play a role in investigating, presiding over, and making decisions pertaining to individual student conduct cases including, but not limited to, the director, Title IX coordinator, dean of students, investigator, and council, shall not have any conflict of interest in the process or a bias for or against complainants or respondents generally or an individual complainant or respondent. A conflict of interest exists if the investigator, presiding officer or decision maker is the respondent, complainant, or a witness; if the respondent, complainant, or witness is a family member or friend; if the individual has a personal interest or bias; or if the individual has previously served in an advisory capacity for any of the parties or witnesses. In the event such a conflict arises in the process, the person shall disclose such interest to the parties. Parties to the complaint who believe a university official involved in the process has a conflict of interest may report such concerns to the director of SRR or the dean of students. The director or dean shall determine whether a conflict of interest exists and take appropriate action.
(2) Challenges to council membership. Members of the student disciplinary council and the conduct review officer (CRO) are subject to the conflict of interest limitations set forth in subsection (1) of this section.
(a) If a member has such a conflict, the person shall recuse him/herself from further involvement in the case. In the event such a conflict arises after the council has been selected or during a proceeding, the member shall disclose the conflict to the parties.
(b) A council member's or the CRO's eligibility to participate in a case may be challenged by parties to the case or by other council members at any time by submitting a motion to disqualify to the CRO. When such a challenge is made, the session council, excluding the person alleged to have a conflict of interest, shall make a decision on the challenge.
(c) If a member is disqualified or disqualifies him/herself from a case, the CRO will appoint a replacement.
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