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PDFWAC 16-610-018

Proof of ownership documents.

(1) Proof of ownership for cattle and horses may be established at the time of a livestock inspection by presenting one of the following documents:
(a) An official livestock inspection certificate issued by the director.
(b) An official electronic cattle transaction reporting certificate.
(c) A duplicate certificate or certified copy of an original inspection document issued by the director.
(d) For cattle only, a self-inspection certificate completed prior to June 10, 2010, and any other information required in WAC 16-610-016.
(e) An official inspection certificate issued by another state or province that maintains a livestock inspection program.
(f) Registration papers on purebred horses.
(g) Registration papers on purebred cattle if the brand is not recorded in this state.
(h) For horses only, a bill of sale. A sample equine bill of sale is available by accessing the department's website at
(i) A certificate of veterinary inspection issued by a state that does not maintain a livestock inspection program. Vaccination/test tags and the animal description must be verifiable and match the document.
(2) Only original inspection certificates, official duplicate certificates, or certified copies of inspection certificates are acceptable. The name of the livestock owner must appear on the document that is submitted. Carbon copies, faxed copies or photocopies will not be accepted except for registration papers on purebred livestock.
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