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Chapter 16-414 WAC

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WAC Sections

Part I
HTMLPDF16-414-010Washington No. 1 grade and Northwest No. 1 grade sweet cherry requirements.
HTMLPDF16-414-011Size requirements—Sweet cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-012Tolerances for Washington No. 1 and Northwest No. 1 grade sweet cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-014Tolerances for "off-size" sweet cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-016Washington state adopts the U.S. standards for grades of sweet cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-020Washington No. 1 and Northwest No. 1 grade sweet cherries—Individual sample tolerances.
HTMLPDF16-414-045Damage to fresh, sweet cherries—Specific defects.
HTMLPDF16-414-065Serious damage to fresh, sweet cherries—Specific defects.
HTMLPDF16-414-086Can the director grant exemptions to the container requirements listed in WAC 16-414-085?
HTMLPDF16-414-090Sweet cherry container marking requirements.
Part II
HTMLPDF16-414-105Definitions—Sulphured cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-107Washington state grades for sulphured cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-108Tolerances for Washington sulphured cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-110Size requirements for all grades of Washington sulphured whole cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-120Tolerance requirements for the certification of lots of Washington No. 1 and Washington No. 2 grade sulphured cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-125Tolerances for sulphured pitted cherries.
HTMLPDF16-414-145Damage to sulphured cherries—Specific defects.
HTMLPDF16-414-155Serious damage to sulphured cherries—Specific defects.
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