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PDFWAC 16-237-145

Grain dealer recordkeeping requirements.

Each dealer shall maintain the following records at a location as required by RCW 22.09.340:
(1) Contracts. Contracts issued to producers must:
(a) Be serially numbered.
(b) Clearly indicate the date title passes.
(c) Show the net price due the producer or charges to be deducted from the selling price.
(d) Show the date payment is due.
(e) Indicate the method of adjustment for over and under deliveries.
(f) Show date paid.
(g) Be maintained in numerical sequence by month payment is due for outstanding contracts and completed contracts must be filed numerically.
(2) Delayed price contracts. Delayed price contracts must contain the following information:
(a) Indicate in large type the date title will pass.
(b) Show the method for setting price.
(c) Charges to be assessed.
(d) Commodity and quantity contracted.
(3) Purchase reports. Each dealer who purchases commodity from a producer must issue a purchase report to the producer at the time of payment which shall:
(a) Be prenumbered.
(b) Show commodity and quantity purchased.
(c) Show price and basis.
(d) Show discounts.
(e) Show itemized charges assessed the producer.
(f) Show the check number and date paid with one copy filed numerically.
(4) Producer ledger. Each dealer must maintain a producer ledger showing:
(a) The name of each producer from whom the dealer has purchased an agricultural commodity.
(b) The amount contracted with corresponding contract number.
(c) Scale ticket numbers, lot numbers and/or bills of lading to apply against the contract.
(d) The purchase voucher number.
(5) Daily position. All grain dealers shall maintain a daily position by commodity in regard to producer purchases showing:
(a) The net buy/sell position.
(b) The amount in pounds, bushels, tons, or hundred weight of delayed price contracts which the producer has not priced.
(c) The amount in pounds, bushels, tons, or hundred weight which the producer has priced but has not received payment.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 22.09.020(13). WSR 00-21-043, ยง 16-237-145, filed 10/13/00, effective 11/13/00.]
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