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PDFWAC 16-237-140

Warehouse operator recordkeeping requirements.

Each warehouse operator shall maintain the following records at a location required by RCW 22.09.340:
(1) A printed daily position record showing by commodity:
(a) The amount received.
(b) The amount shipped.
(c) Adjustments.
(d) The amount forwarded to other locations.
(e) The amount in storage.
(f) The amount belonging to depositors.
(g) The amount belonging to the warehouse operator.
(2) A depositor ledger for each depositor showing:
(a) The amount deposited each day by scale ticket number.
(b) The amount transferred to warehouse receipts with the corresponding warehouse receipt number.
(c) The amount transferred to other locations.
(d) The amount purchased and purchase report number.
(e) The amount contracted to purchase and contract number.
(f) The amount delivered back to depositors.
(g) The lot numbers and grade.
(h) Any crop divisions.
(3) Scale tickets. In addition to the requirements in RCW 22.09.010(16), scale tickets must:
(a) Show location where the commodity is deposited.
(b) Show that the commodity is insured for current market value.
(c) Plainly indicate that it is nonnegotiable.
(d) Be filed numerically in the main office.
(4) Shipments out of warehouses must be filed by:
(a) Warehouse location; and
(b) Intracompany transfers must be on a prenumbered form and filed numerically by warehouse location.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 22.09.020(13). WSR 00-21-043, ยง 16-237-140, filed 10/13/00, effective 11/13/00.]
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