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PDFWAC 139-06-050

Statement of charges and notification for hearing.

(1) The commission shall prepare a statement of charges providing the grounds for denial or revocation of the certified officer's certification under RCW 43.101.105.
(a) The statement of charges shall include a notice informing the certified officer that they are entitled to a hearing on the denial or revocation of their certification, the steps to request a hearing, and that failure to request or attend a hearing will cause their certification to be denied or revoked.
(b) The statement of charges shall be sent to the certified officer and to the agency that employed the certified officer at the time of the alleged misconduct. If the certified officer is employed by a different law enforcement agency at the time the statement of charges is issued, that agency shall also be sent a copy of the statement of charges.
(2) A request for a hearing on the potential suspension or revocation of certification must be made by the certified officer on an approved form and received by the commission within 60 days from the date of sending the statement of charges.
(a) If a hearing is requested, the officer must provide an email address that constitutes the officer's legal address for purposes of any subsequent communication from the commission.
(b) If a hearing is requested, the first prehearing conference shall be held within 14 days of receipt of the hearing request form. The hearing shall occur within 90 days of the first prehearing conference.
(c) Any date related to the hearing schedule including, but not limited to, the dates of prehearing and status conferences, due dates for pleadings, briefings, and exhibits and the date of the hearing itself may be extended upon mutual agreement of the parties or for good cause.
(3) Failure by the certified officer to request a hearing within 60 days of sending of the statement of charges, or failure by the certified officer or their counsel to appear at any prehearing or status conference, shall constitute default and the commission shall enter an order of default and final order under RCW 34.05.440.
(4) Failure of the certified officer to appear at the scheduled hearing shall constitute default and the hearing panel shall enter an order of default and final order under RCW 34.05.440.
(5) The certified officer may waive the right to a hearing on an approved form. By waiving the right to a hearing, the certified officer acknowledges that their certification will be revoked or denied and that the commission shall enter an order of default and a final order under RCW 34.05.440.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080 and 43.101.801. WSR 22-13-075, § 139-06-050, filed 6/9/22, effective 7/10/22. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080. WSR 03-02-010, § 139-06-050, filed 12/20/02, effective 1/20/03.]
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