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PDFWAC 132P-33-110

Student publications.

The college recognizes the fact that student publications are a valuable aid in establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of free and responsible discussion and of intellectual exploration on the campus. They are a means of bringing student concerns to the attention of the faculty and institutional authorities and of formulating opinion on various issues on the campus and in the college community at large. They may also serve as a means of journalistic and/or creative expression.
Student editors and managers of approved student publications are protected from arbitrary suspension and removal. Only for proper and stated causes, as outlined in the statement of purpose or philosophy adopted for each student publication, should editors and managers be subject to removal and then by orderly and prescribed procedures.
At the same time, student editors and managers are charged with corollary responsibilities to be governed by the cannons of responsible journalism, including the avoidance of libel, indecency, harassment, innuendo, undocumented allegations, and attacks on personal integrity.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 14-21-099, § 132P-33-110, filed 10/15/14, effective 1/5/15; WSR 82-01-079 (Resolution No. 81-4), § 132P-33-110, filed 12/21/81.]
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