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PDFWAC 132N-160-030

Admissions policy.

(1) Any applicant shall be admitted when he/she:
(a) Is at least eighteen years of age; or
(i) Is a graduate of a high school or the equivalent; or
(ii) Has applied for admission under the provisions of a student enrollment options program such as running start (chapter 392-169, 131-46, and/or 250-79 WAC) or a successor program.
(b) Is competent to profit from the curricular offerings of the college; and
(c) Would not, by his/her presence or conduct, create a disruptive atmosphere within the college inconsistent with the purposes of the institution.
(2) Admission to the college shall entitle the student to enroll in any instructional program, provided that the student is qualified and complies with the rules and procedures established for enrollment in such program.
(3) In order to assist students in selecting courses and programs appropriate to their needs and interests, and to ensure that students will be able to profit from current curricular offerings or benefit from a particular class, course, or program, the college may require students to meet special admission requirements, take tests, or have special training prior to enrolling.
(4) Enrollment in classes, programs, or sections may be restricted by limitations of physical facilities or operating funds, when consistent with generally accepted educational practices regarding efficient maximum class sizes.
(5) The college reserves the ultimate right to determine admission to the college and/or to certain classes.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 99-15-017, ยง 132N-160-030, filed 7/12/99, effective 8/12/99.]
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