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PDFWAC 131-12-041

Interdistrict registration of students.

Under the authority of RCW 28B.50.095 the following rule applies to the interdistrict enrollment of students at community colleges. The purpose of this rule is to allow students to concurrently enroll at more than one community college, but pay no more tuition and fees than if the student was enrolled at a single college.
(1) Interdistrict registration shall mean the concurrent enrollment of a student in community colleges operated by two or more community college districts.
(2) Interdistrict registration shall occur only on the basis of a specific agreement between the two or more colleges and shall be used only to accommodate students when courses will not be offered in a manner that will enable the timely completion of the student's program of study. Agreements may also include tuition and fee revenue sharing.
(3) Students shall enroll and pay tuition and fees at the first college. The second college in which the student is enrolled shall charge and collect tuition and fees for those additional credits as if the student was taking all of their credits at the second college.
(4) Withdrawal from the college or reduction of course load in the college of initial registration shall invalidate any reduced tuition and fee registration at a second college unless the appropriate additional tuition and fees are paid.
(5) Students enrolled in a second college under the provisions of this regulation shall be required to comply with the regular registration procedure of such second college and shall be required to pay any additional special fees—such as laboratory, supply, use or records fees normally charged to students enrolled at that college.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 02-20-013, § 131-12-041, filed 9/20/02, effective 10/21/02; WSR 98-15-011, § 131-12-041, filed 7/2/98, effective 8/2/98; Order 23, § 131-12-041, filed 12/18/73.]
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