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PDFWAC 118-04-240

Mission numbers—Requests and requirements.

(1) The emergency management division shall assign a mission number to approved missions or other emergency activities. The local authorized official shall notify emergency management division as soon as practical of all missions or other emergency activities under their jurisdiction and request the assignment of a mission number.
(2) The mission number assigned shall be a reference for the dispatch of resources to assist in the mission, recordkeeping, and reimbursement of any emergency worker compensation claims filed in connection with that mission.
(3) If additional resources from a different jurisdiction are needed to respond to an authorized mission, the local authorized official should make the request through the emergency management division duty officer.
(4) Requests from jurisdictions outside the state of Washington for the assistance of Washington state-based emergency workers should be coordinated through the requesting state, province or nation and the emergency management division duty officer. Compensation under chapter 38.52 RCW will only be available to individuals responding to missions outside of the state of Washington when the emergency management division duty officer has assigned a mission number, is coordinating the mission with the requesting state, province, or nation, and where an interstate mutual aid or similar agreement governs the mission.
(5) Upon notification by an authorized official to report to duty at a specific time and place, emergency workers are entitled to the benefits and provisions under chapter 38.52 RCW when acting in compliance with such notification and these rules. Eligibility for compensation shall be limited to the time and distance necessary to travel to the duty station, performance of services, and reasonable time to return to the point of origin.
(6) Mission numbers shall not be applied for or assigned, nor shall compensation be provided for activities which directly involve the search for, apprehension of, detention, or arrest of suspects or persons in the act of committing or having committed a crime.
(7) Emergency worker daily activity report, Form EMD-078 or the equivalent, shall be used as a part of the administrative record for each mission.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 38.52 RCW. WSR 01-02-053, § 118-04-240, filed 12/28/00, effective 1/28/01; WSR 93-23-005 (Order 93-08), § 118-04-240, filed 11/4/93, effective 12/5/93.]
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