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Chapter 110-90 WAC

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(Formerly: Chapter 388-25 WAC)

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF110-90-0010What is the legal basis of the extended foster care program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0020What is the purpose of the extended foster care program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0040Who is eligible for extended foster care?
HTMLPDF110-90-0050How does a youth demonstrate enrollment in school?
HTMLPDF110-90-0060How does a youth demonstrate he/she has applied for and intends to timely enroll in a post-secondary program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0070How does a youth demonstrate participation in a program or activity designed to promote employment or remove barriers to employment?
HTMLPDF110-90-0080What if an eligible youth does not want to participate in the extended foster care program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0090What is a "documented medical condition"?
HTMLPDF110-90-0100How does a youth demonstrate the inability to participate in extended foster care (EFC) activities due to a documented medical condition?
HTMLPDF110-90-0110How does a youth agree to participate in the extended foster care program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0120Where do youth obtain information about how to participate in the EFC program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0130Can an extended foster care participant continue in extended foster care under a different eligibility category?
HTMLPDF110-90-0140If an extended foster care participant loses his or her eligibility before he or she turns twenty-one, may he or she reapply for extended foster care?
HTMLPDF110-90-0150What are DCYF's responsibilities to a youth who is participating in EFC?
HTMLPDF110-90-0160How does DCYF determine a youth's continuing eligibility for the EFC program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0170What are the legal rights of a dependent youth in EFC to travel out-of-state, buy a car, or engage in other activities as an adult?
HTMLPDF110-90-0180What are the youth's rights in the extended foster care program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0190What must the youth do to remain in the EFC program?
HTMLPDF110-90-0200When is a youth no longer eligible for the EFC program?
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