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PDFWAC 108-40-100

Procedures associated with possible nonrenewal decision.

(1) If a school is notified that it is considered ineligible for renewal, or that nonrenewal is recommended, within twenty days of that notice, the school may request an opportunity to respond and present evidence challenging the determination of ineligibility or recommendation for nonrenewal. This request must be sent to the commission's executive director or designee. Failure to make this request within twenty days acts as a waiver rendering the ineligibility determination or nonrenewal recommendation final.
(2) If a school requests an opportunity to respond, the commission will designate an individual, or individuals, to preside over a recorded public proceeding at which the school may:
(a) Submit a written response explaining why it believes that its charter contract should be renewed;
(b) Submit documents and give testimony supporting the renewal of the charter contract;
(c) Call witnesses on its behalf; and
(d) Be represented by counsel.
(3) The commission may also, through staff or counsel, present documents, witnesses, and/or testimony to support the ineligibility determination or nonrenewal recommendation at the public proceeding.
(4) The presiding officer(s) shall regulate the course of the public proceeding and, in the discretion of the presiding officer(s), may impose reasonable limits on the conduct of the public proceeding including, but not limited to, limitations on the length of time that the school and commission has to present documents and evidence. The presiding officer(s) may issue deadlines and other requirements that the presiding officer(s) deem necessary for the orderly conduct of the proceeding. Unless they conflict with the Charter School Act and commission's rules, the provisions of chapter 34.05 RCW shall govern these proceedings.
(5) Within thirty days of the public proceeding, the presiding officer(s) shall make a written recommendation to the commission regarding whether the ineligibility or nonrenewal decision should stand or whether it should be altered in some manner. This recommendation will be transmitted to the commission, the school, and posted on the commission's web site.
(6) The commission will, after a reasonable period for deliberation, consider the recommendation of the presiding officer(s), as well as relevant evidence or documentation submitted during the application renewal process, and make a final determination. The commission's final determination shall be in the form of a resolution that, in the case of a nonrenewal, clearly states the reasons for the nonrenewal.
(7) Within ten days of issuing this resolution, the commission will submit a report of action to the school and the state board of education. The resolution will be attached to the report of action and will set forth the action taken, reasons for the decision, and assurances of compliance with the commission's renewal/nonrenewal procedures.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.710.070, 28A.710.180, 28A.710.190, and 28A.710.200. WSR 17-08-011, § 108-40-100, filed 3/24/17, effective 4/24/17; WSR 14-12-065, § 108-40-100, filed 6/2/14, effective 7/3/14.]
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