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PDFWAC 10-08-230

Informal settlements.

RCW 34.05.060 authorizes agencies to establish by rule specific procedures for attempting and executing informal settlement of matters. The following procedures are available for informal dispute resolution that may make more elaborate proceedings under the Administrative Procedure Act unnecessary.
(1)(a) All agencies and persons are strongly encouraged to explore early, informal resolution to disputes whenever possible. Any person whose interest in a matter before an agency may be resolved by settlement shall communicate his or her request or complaint to the agency, setting forth all pertinent facts and particulars and the desired remedy. If the agency requires additional information to resolve the matter informally, it shall promptly provide to the person who is seeking relief an opportunity to supply such information. Settlement negotiations shall be informal and without prejudice to rights of a participant in the negotiations; Provided, however, that any time limit applicable to filing an application for an adjudicative proceeding shall not be extended because settlement attempts are pending.
(b) In the event an early, informal resolution is reached, the agency is responsible for providing a written description of the resolution to the person(s) involved.
(2)(a) If settlement of an adjudicative proceeding may be accomplished by informal negotiation with the agency or other parties involved, negotiations shall be commenced at the earliest possible stage of the proceeding. Settlement shall be concluded by:
(i) Stipulation of parties or
(ii) Withdrawal by the applicant of his or her application for an adjudicative proceeding or
(iii) Withdrawal by the agency of the agency action which is the subject matter of the adjudicative proceeding.
(b) A stipulation shall be in writing and signed by each party to the stipulation or his or her representative or shall be recited on the record at the hearing. When an adjudicative proceeding has been settled by stipulation, the agency head, the agency head's designee, or the presiding officer shall enter an order in conformity with the terms of the stipulation.
(c) When an adjudicative proceeding has been wholly or partially settled by withdrawal, the presiding officer shall enter an order dismissing the adjudicative proceeding, or an order dismissing the affected party's interest in the proceeding if other parties have not withdrawn.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 34.05.250. WSR 89-13-036 (Order 6), ยง 10-08-230, filed 6/15/89.]
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