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PDFWAC 1-21-050


(1) Under RCW 34.05.325(5), an agency may continue a proceeding that has already started by establishing the later time and place on the record. No publication is required in the Washington State Register, but before filing the administrative order adopting the rule, the agency shall give notice of the continuance to the office of the code reviser on a CR-102 form. If no substantial change is made in the proposal, the continuance is not subject to the twenty-day publication requirement of RCW 34.05.320. Note that RCW 34.05.335(4) prohibits an agency from adopting a rule before the time established in the published notice.
(2) An agency may change the date or the location, or both, of a rule-making proceeding before the proceeding has begun if the agency gives adequate notice to the public through the same methods that were used for the original notice. Adequate notice for purposes of the Washington State Register consists of filing the continuance notice on a CR-102 form with the office of the code reviser in time for it to appear in a Washington State Register that will be distributed at least five days before the originally scheduled proceeding.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 1.08.110, 34.05.385, 1.08.001, and Executive Order 97-2. WSR 06-16-019, § 1-21-050, filed 7/24/06, effective 8/24/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 1.08.110, 34.05.385, 34.08.020, 34.08.030, 34.05.310, 34.05.320 and 1995 c 403 §§ 701 and 704. WSR 95-17-070, § 1-21-050, filed 8/17/95, effective 9/17/95. Statutory Authority: RCW 34.05.385 and 34.08.030. WSR 89-12-028 (Order 89-1), § 1-21-050, filed 5/31/89.]
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