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Actions to be commenced within ten yearsException.

The period prescribed for the commencement of actions shall be as follows:
Within ten years:
(1) For actions for the recovery of real property, or for the recovery of the possession thereof; and no action shall be maintained for such recovery unless it appears that the plaintiff, his or her ancestor, predecessor or grantor was seized or possessed of the premises in question within ten years before the commencement of the action.
(2) For an action upon a judgment or decree of any court of the United States, or of any state or territory within the United States, or of any territory or possession of the United States outside the boundaries thereof, or of any extraterritorial court of the United States, unless the period is extended under RCW 6.17.020 or a similar provision in another jurisdiction.
(3) Of the eighteenth birthday of the youngest child named in the order for whom support is ordered for an action to collect past due child support that has accrued under an order entered after July 23, 1989, by any of the above-named courts or that has accrued under an administrative order as defined in RCW 74.20A.020(6), which is issued after July 23, 1989.


Application1980 c 105: "This act shall apply to all judgments which have not expired before June 12, 1980." [ 1980 c 105 s 7.]
Adverse possession
limitation tolled when personal disability: RCW 7.28.090.
recovery of realty, limitation: RCW 7.28.050.
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