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Payment of assessments by satisfying judgment.

Any defendant in a condemnation proceeding under this chapter, whose remaining land, or whose other lands in the district, shall be assessed for benefits arising from the improvement, may pay his or her assessments in full, if they be less than his or her condemnation judgment, at or before the time fixed by the treasurer for the payment of assessments without interest, by satisfying his or her judgment upon the judgment docket and producing to the treasurer the certificate of the county clerk that the judgment has been satisfied. And if his or her assessments be greater than his or her condemnation judgments he or she may, within the same time, pay his or her assessment to the extent of his or her judgment by the like satisfaction and the like production of the clerk's certificate to the treasurer. In each case the treasurer shall note the payment and the manner thereof on the assessment roll and report the same to the board.


Payment of assessment: RCW 91.08.390 through 91.08.460.
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