Chapter 91.08 RCW



91.08.010Public waterways authorized.
91.08.020Accessible lands defined.
91.08.030PetitionBy whom signedContentsNotice of filingDischarge of proceedings.
91.08.060Cost bond filed with petition.
91.08.070Petition may be amendedOrder for hearingNoticeRecord.
91.08.090Board's powers and dutiesIn generalCounty immune from expense.
91.08.100Board's powers and dutiesRight of eminent domain.
91.08.110Bridging part of cost.
91.08.120Eminent domainOrder to acquire or condemn property.
91.08.130Eminent domainPetition to condemn.
91.08.140Eminent domainSummons.
91.08.150Eminent domainService in case of public landsLegal counsel.
91.08.160Eminent domainFinding of public useJuryDismissal.
91.08.170Eminent domainNew parties may be admitted.
91.08.180Eminent domainJury may view property.
91.08.190Eminent domainMeasure of damage to buildings.
91.08.200Eminent domainFindings as interests appearInterpleader.
91.08.210Eminent domainProcedure after findings.
91.08.220Eminent domainSubstitution of new owner as defendant.
91.08.230Eminent domainGuardian ad litem.
91.08.240Eminent domainDamage irrespective of benefits.
91.08.250Eminent domainFinality of judgmentAppellate reviewWaiver of review.
91.08.260Eminent domainDecree of appropriation.
91.08.270Assessment procedurePetitionAssessment commissioners.
91.08.280Assessment procedureOath and compensation of commissioners.
91.08.290Assessment procedureApportionment of assessment.
91.08.300Assessment procedureAssessment roll.
91.08.310Assessment procedureOrder for hearing on rollNotice.
91.08.320Assessment procedureProof of service of notice.
91.08.330Assessment procedureCause may be continued.
91.08.340Assessment procedureHearingFindingsJudgment.
91.08.350Assessment procedureRoll may be recastNew commissioners.
91.08.360Assessment procedureJudgment separate as to each tractEffect of appeal.
91.08.370Assessment procedureRoll certified to treasurerInterest on assessment upon appeal.
91.08.380Assessment procedureNotice of filing roll.
91.08.390Payment of assessmentAlternate methods.
91.08.400Payment of assessmentRecord of payment without interest.
91.08.410Payment of assessmentInstallmentsCollection.
91.08.420Payment of assessmentRecord of installment payments.
91.08.430Payment of assessmentPayment in full or in partInterestSegregation.
91.08.440Payment of assessmentInterest on last installment.
91.08.450Payment of assessmentLand taken for public use.
91.08.460Payment of assessmentTreasurer's report.
91.08.465BondsAuthorizedPurposes for issuance.
91.08.480BondsTerms, form, interest, execution.
91.08.485BondsSale or exchange for par value.
91.08.490BondsSale of.
91.08.510BondsRecourse of owner limited to special assessmentBond to so state.
91.08.520Invalidity of assessmentsReassessment.
91.08.530ConstructionContractor's bondBidder's depositClaims.
91.08.540ConstructionInstallment paymentsReserve.
91.08.570Public lands not devoted to public use to be treated as private lands.
91.08.575Public lands not devoted to public use to be treated as private landsAssessment.
91.08.580Appellate review.
91.08.590Payment of assessments by satisfying judgment.
91.08.600Purchase of filling material.
91.08.610Surplus money in district fund transferred to road fund.
91.08.620Unclaimed funds, disposal of.
91.08.630Waterways as highwaysControl of.
91.08.640Fees for serving process.
91.08.660Construction1911 c 23.
91.08.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.