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Assessment procedureRoll may be recastNew commissioners.

The court before which any such proceeding may be pending shall have authority at any time before final judgment to modify, alter, change, annul or confirm any assessment roll returned as aforesaid, or cause any such assessment roll to be recast by the same commissioners whenever it shall be necessary for the obtainment of justice; or it may appoint other commissioners in the place of all or any of the commissioners first appointed for the purpose of making such assessment or modifying, altering, changing or recasting the same, and may take all such proceedings and make all such orders as may be necessary to make a true and just assessment of the cost of such condemnation and improvement according to the principals of this chapter, and may from time to time, as may be necessary, continue the proceeding for that purpose as to the whole or any part of the premises.
[ 1911 c 23 § 33; RRS § 9809.]


Invalidity of assessmentsReassessment: RCW 91.08.520.
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