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Eminent domainProcedure after findings.

Upon the filing of the findings of the jury or court, the proceedings of the court regarding new trial and the entry of judgment thereon, shall be the same as in other civil actions, and the judgment shall be such as the nature of the case may require. The final judgment of the court shall be that the lands and property taken and damaged shall, upon payment of the sums awarded, vest in the county as and for a public waterway. The court shall continue or adjourn the case from time to time as to all defendants named in such petition who shall not have been served with process or brought in by publication, and new summons may issue or new publication be made at any time, and upon such defendants being brought in the court may empanel a jury to ascertain the compensation so to be made to such defendants for property taken or damaged, or may proceed without a jury if none be demanded, and like proceedings shall be had for such purpose as are herein provided.
[ 1911 c 23 § 19; RRS § 9795.]


Civil procedure
judgments: Chapters 4.56 through 4.64, 4.72 RCW.
new parties may be admitted: RCW 91.08.170.
new trials: Chapter 4.76 RCW.
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