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Shellfish protection districtsPrograms required after closure or downgrading of growing area classificationAnnual report.

The county legislative authority shall create a shellfish protection district and establish a shellfish protection program developed under RCW 90.72.030 or an equivalent program to address the causes or suspected causes of pollution within one hundred eighty days after the department of health, because of water quality degradation due to ongoing nonpoint sources of pollution has closed or downgraded the classification of a recreational or commercial shellfish growing area within the boundaries of the county. The county legislative authority shall initiate implementation of the shellfish protection program within sixty days after it is established.
A copy of the program must be provided to the departments of health, ecology, and agriculture. An agency that has regulatory authority for any of the sources of nonpoint pollution covered by the program shall cooperate with the county in its implementation. The county legislative authority shall submit a written report to the department of health annually that describes the status and progress of the program. If rates or fees are collected under RCW 90.72.070 for implementation of the shellfish protection district program, the annual report shall provide sufficient detail of the expenditure of the revenue collected to ensure compliance with RCW 90.72.070.


Findings1992 c 100: See note following RCW 90.72.030.
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