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(1) Any person proposing to generate any type of reclaimed water for a use regulated under this chapter shall obtain a permit from the lead agency prior to distribution or use of that water. The permittee may then distribute and use the water, subject to the provisions in the permit. The permit must include provisions that protect human health and the environment. At a minimum, the permit must:
(a) Assure adequate and reliable treatment; and
(b) Govern the water quality, location, rate, and purpose of use.
(2) A permit under this chapter may be issued only to:
(a) A municipal, quasi-municipal, or other governmental entity;
(b) A private utility as defined in RCW 36.94.010;
(c) The holder of a waste disposal permit issued under chapter 90.48 RCW; or
(d) The owner of an agricultural processing facility that is generating agricultural industrial process water for agricultural use, or the owner of an industrial facility that is generating industrial process water for reuse.
(3) Before deciding whether to issue a permit under this section to a private utility, the lead agency may require information that is reasonable and necessary to determine whether the private utility has the financial and other resources to ensure the reliability, continuity, and supervision of the reclaimed water facility.
(4) Permits shall be issued for a fixed term specified by the rules adopted under RCW 90.46.015. A permittee shall apply for permit renewal prior to the end of the term. The rules adopted under RCW 90.46.015 shall specify the process of renewal, modification, change of ownership, suspension, and termination.
(5) The lead agency may deny an application for a permit or modify, suspend, or revoke a permit for good cause, including but not limited to, any case in which it finds that the permit was obtained by fraud or misrepresentation, or there is or has been a failure, refusal, or inability to comply with the requirements of this chapter or the rules adopted under this chapter.
(6) The lead agency shall provide for adequate public notice and opportunity for review and comment on all initial permit applications and renewal applications. Methods for providing notice may include electronic mail, posting on the lead agency's internet site, publication in a local newspaper, press releases, mailings, or other means of notification the lead agency determines appropriate. The lead agency shall also publicize notice of final permitting decisions.
(7) Any person aggrieved by a permitting decision has the right to an adjudicative proceeding. An adjudicative proceeding conducted under this subsection is governed by chapter 34.05 RCW. For any permit decision for which the department of ecology is the lead agency under this chapter, any appeal shall be in accordance with chapter 43.21B RCW. For any permit decision for which department of health is the lead agency under this chapter, any application for an adjudicative proceeding must be in writing, state the basis for contesting the action, include a copy of the decision, be served on and received by the department of health within twenty-eight days of receipt of notice of the final decision, and be served in a manner that shows proof of receipt.
(8) Permit requirements for the distribution and use of greywater will be established in rules adopted by the department of health under RCW 90.46.015.
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