Chapter 90.46 RCW



HTMLPDF 90.46.005FindingsCoordination of effortsDevelopment of facilities encouraged.
HTMLPDF 90.46.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 90.46.015RulesCoordination with department of healthConsultation with advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 90.46.020Interim standards for pilot projects for use of reclaimed water.
HTMLPDF 90.46.030Standards, procedures, and guidelines for industrial and commercial use of reclaimed waterReclaimed water permitsFee structure for permitsFormal agreements between the departments of health and ecology.
HTMLPDF 90.46.040Standards, procedures, and guidelines for land applications of reclaimed water.
HTMLPDF 90.46.042Standards, procedures, and guidelines for direct recharge.
HTMLPDF 90.46.044Standards, procedures, and guidelines for discharge to wetlands.
HTMLPDF 90.46.050Advisory committeeDevelopment of standards, procedures, and guidelines.
HTMLPDF 90.46.070Exemption from standards, procedures, and guidelines.
HTMLPDF 90.46.072Conflict resolutionReclaimed water projects and chapter 372-32 WAC.
HTMLPDF 90.46.080Use of reclaimed water for surface percolationEstablishment of discharge limit for contaminants.
HTMLPDF 90.46.090Use of reclaimed water for discharge into constructed beneficial use wetlands and constructed treatment wetlandsStandards for discharge.
HTMLPDF 90.46.100Discharge of reclaimed water for streamflow augmentation.
HTMLPDF 90.46.110Reclaimed water demonstration programDemonstration projects.
HTMLPDF 90.46.120Use of water from wastewater treatment facilityConsideration in regional water supply plan or potable water supply plansConsideration in reviewing provisions for water supplies for short plat, short subdivision, or subdivisionReport to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 90.46.130Impairment of water rights downstream from freshwater discharge points.
HTMLPDF 90.46.140Greywater reuseStandards, procedures, and guidelinesRules.
HTMLPDF 90.46.150Agricultural industrial process waterPermitUseReferral to department of health.
HTMLPDF 90.46.160Industrial reuse waterPermit.
HTMLPDF 90.46.200Authority of the departments of ecology and healthLead agencyDuties.
HTMLPDF 90.46.210Lead agencyAuthority to bring legal proceeding.
HTMLPDF 90.46.220Permit.
HTMLPDF 90.46.230Right to enter and inspect property related to the purpose of the permitAdministrative search warrant.
HTMLPDF 90.46.240Plans, reports, specifications, and proposed methods of operation and maintenance to be submitted to departments.
HTMLPDF 90.46.250Violation of chapterNotificationImmediate action.
HTMLPDF 90.46.260Penalty.
HTMLPDF 90.46.270ViolationsCivil penaltyProcedure.
HTMLPDF 90.46.280Application of administrative procedure act to chapter.
HTMLPDF 90.46.290On-site nonpotable water systemsRisk-based water quality standardsAdoption of rules.