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Permit for Grand Coulee project.

An application filed by the department of ecology or its assignee, the United States Bureau of Reclamation, for a permit to appropriate waters of the Columbia River under chapter 90.03 RCW, for the development of the Grand Coulee project shall be perfected in the same manner and to the same extent as though such appropriation had been made by a private person, corporation or association, but no fees, as provided for in RCW 90.03.470, shall be required.
[ 1988 c 127 § 83; 1933 ex.s. c 13 § 4; RRS § 7399-1, pocket part.]


Severability1933 ex.s. c 13: "The adjudication of invalidity of any section, clause, or part of a section of this act, shall not impair or otherwise affect the validity of the act as a whole or any part thereof." [ 1933 ex.s. c 13 § 6; RRS § 7399-2.]
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