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Duration of confinementMandatory life sentencesCrimes committed before July 1, 1984.

(1) The board shall fix the duration of confinement for persons committed to the custody of the department of corrections under a mandatory life sentence for a crime or crimes committed before July 1, 1984. However, no duration of confinement shall be fixed for those persons committed under a life sentence without the possibility of parole.
The duration of confinement for persons covered by this section shall be fixed no later than July 1, 1992, or within six months after the admission or readmission of the convicted person to the custody of the department of corrections, whichever is later.
(2) Prior to fixing a duration of confinement under this section, the board shall request from the sentencing judge and the prosecuting attorney an updated statement in accordance with RCW 9.95.030. In addition to the report and recommendations of the prosecuting attorney and sentencing judge, the board shall also consider any victim impact statement submitted by a victim, survivor, or a representative, and any statement submitted by an investigative law enforcement officer. The board shall provide the convicted person with copies of any new statement and an opportunity to comment thereon prior to fixing the duration of confinement.
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