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Purchasing of rifles and shotguns by nonresidents.

Residents of a state other than Washington may purchase rifles and shotguns, except those firearms defined as semiautomatic assault rifles, in Washington: PROVIDED, That such residents conform to the applicable provisions of the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, Title IV, Pub. L. 90-351 as administered by the United States secretary of the treasury: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That such residents are eligible to purchase or possess such weapons in Washington and in the state in which such persons reside: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That such residents are subject to the procedures and background checks required by this chapter.
[ 2019 c 3 § 12 (Initiative Measure No. 1639, approved November 6, 2018); 2015 c 1 § 7 (Initiative Measure No. 594, approved November 4, 2014); 1970 ex.s. c 74 § 2. Formerly RCW 19.70.020.]


FindingShort titleEffective datesImplementation2019 c 3 (Initiative Measure No. 1639): See notes following RCW 9.41.360.
Finding2015 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 594): See note following RCW 9.41.010.
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