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Farm plansDisclosure of information.

(1) Conservation districts, before developing a farm plan, shall inform the landowner or operator in writing of the types of information that is [are] subject to disclosure to the public under chapter 42.56 RCW. Before completion of the final draft of a farm plan, the district shall send the final draft farm plan to the requesting landowner or operator for verification of the information. The final farm plan shall not be disclosed by the conservation district until the requesting owner or operator confirms the information in the farm plan and a signed copy of the farm plan is received by the conservation district.
(2) For the purposes of this section and RCW 42.56.270, "farm plan" means a plan prepared by a conservation district in cooperation with a landowner or operator for the purpose of conserving, monitoring, or enhancing renewable natural resources. Farm plans include, but are not limited to, provisions pertaining to:
(a) Developing and prioritizing conservation objectives;
(b) Taking an inventory of soil, water, vegetation, livestock, and wildlife;
(c) Implementing conservation measures, including technical assistance provided by the district;
(d) Developing and implementing livestock nutrient management measures;
(e) Developing and implementing plans pursuant to business and financial objectives; and
(f) Recording, or records of, decisions.
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