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Nomination and election of supervisorsAnnual meeting of voters.

Within thirty days after the issuance of the certificate of organization, unless the time is extended by the commission, petitions shall be filed with the commission to nominate candidates for the three elected supervisors. The petition shall be signed by not less than twenty-five district electors, and a district elector may sign petitions nominating more than one person.
In the case of a new district, the commission shall give due notice to elect the three supervisors. All provisions pertaining to elections on the creation of a district shall govern this election so far as applicable. The names of all nominees shall appear on the ballot in alphabetical order, together with instructions to vote for three. The three candidates receiving the most votes shall be declared elected supervisors, the one receiving the most being elected for a three-year term, the next for two and the last for one year. An alternate method of dividing the district into three zones may be used when requested by the board of supervisors and approved by the commission. In such case, instructions will be to vote for one in each zone. The candidate receiving the most votes in a zone shall be declared elected.
Each year after the creation of the first board of supervisors, the board shall by resolution and by giving due notice, set a date during the first quarter of each calendar year at which time it shall conduct an election, except that for elections in 2002 only, the board shall set the date during the second quarter of the calendar year at which time it shall conduct an election. Names of candidates nominated by petition shall appear in alphabetical order on the ballots, together with an extra line wherein may be written in the name of any other candidate. The commission shall establish procedures for elections, canvass the returns and announce the official results thereof. Election results may be announced by polling officials at the close of the election subject to official canvass of ballots by the commission. Supervisors elected shall take office at the first board meeting following the election.


IntentEffective date2002 c 43: See notes following RCW 29A.04.330.
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