Chapter 87.84 RCW



HTMLPDF 87.84.005PurposeDistricts authorized.
HTMLPDF 87.84.010Eligibility.
HTMLPDF 87.84.020Petition to convert irrigation district to an irrigation and rehabilitation district, contentsBond for costs.
HTMLPDF 87.84.030Notice and hearing on petition.
HTMLPDF 87.84.040Notice and election.
HTMLPDF 87.84.050Purposes of organization.
HTMLPDF 87.84.060DirectorsPowers, rights and authority of directors and district.
HTMLPDF 87.84.061DirectorsAdditional powers.
HTMLPDF 87.84.070Special assessmentsNotice and electionCollection.
HTMLPDF 87.84.071Special assessments inferior to existing city or town L.I.D. assessments.
HTMLPDF 87.84.080Rules and regulationsAuthorizedPublicationHearing.
HTMLPDF 87.84.090Rules and regulationsViolation as misdemeanorJurisdictionPenaltyReview.
HTMLPDF 87.84.100Rules and regulationsSheriff to enforce.
HTMLPDF 87.84.110Corporate powers and authority.
HTMLPDF 87.84.120City, town, county, powers not restrictedTitle 79 RCW not modified.