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Ballots in all electionsDeclaration of candidacyPetition of nominationWhen election not required.

Voting in an irrigation district shall be by ballot. Ballots shall be of uniform size and quality, provided by the district, and for the election of directors shall contain only the names of the candidates who have filed with the secretary of the district a declaration in writing of their candidacy, or a petition of nomination as hereinafter provided, not later than five o'clock p.m. on the first Monday in November. Ballots shall contain space for sticker voting or for the writing in of the name of an undeclared candidate. Ballots shall be issued by the election board according to the number of votes an elector is entitled to cast. A person filing a declaration of candidacy, or petition of nomination as hereinafter provided, shall designate therein the position for which he or she is a candidate. No ballots on any form other than the official form shall be received or counted.
In any election for directors where the number of votes which may be received will have no bearing on the length of the term to be served, the candidates for the position of director, in lieu of filing a declaration of candidacy hereunder, shall file with the secretary of the district a petition of nomination signed by at least ten qualified electors of the district, or of the division if the district has been divided into director divisions, not later than five o'clock p.m. on the first Monday in November. If, after the expiration of the date for filing petitions of nomination, it appears that only one qualified candidate has been nominated thereby for each position to be filled it shall not be necessary to hold an election, and the board of directors shall at their next meeting declare such candidate elected as director. The secretary shall immediately make and deliver to such person a certificate of election signed by him or her and bearing the seal of the district. The procedure set forth in this paragraph shall not apply to any other irrigation district elections.


Severability1985 c 66: See note following RCW 87.03.045.
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