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General powers.

A zone or participating zone may:
(1) Exercise all the powers and immunities vested in a county for flood water or stormwater control purposes under the provisions of chapters 86.12, 86.13, 36.89, and 36.94 RCW: PROVIDED, That in exercising such powers, all actions shall be taken in the name of the zone and title to all property or property rights shall vest in the zone;
(2) Plan, construct, acquire, repair, maintain, and operate all necessary equipment, facilities, improvements, and works to control, conserve, and remove flood waters and stormwaters and to otherwise carry out the purposes of this chapter including, but not limited to, protection of the quality of water sources;
(3) Take action necessary to protect life and property within the district from flood water damage, including in the context of an emergency, as defined in RCW 38.52.010, using covered volunteer emergency workers, as defined in RCW 38.52.010 and 38.52.180(5)(a), subject to and in accordance with the terms of RCW 38.52.180;
(4) Control, conserve, retain, reclaim, and remove flood waters and stormwaters, including waters of lakes and ponds within the district, and dispose of the same for beneficial or useful purposes under such terms and conditions as the board may deem appropriate, subject to the acquisition by the board of appropriate water rights in accordance with the statutes;
(5) Acquire necessary property, property rights, facilities, and equipment necessary to the purposes of the zone by purchase, gift, or condemnation: PROVIDED, That property of municipal corporations may not be acquired without the consent of such municipal corporation;
(6) Sue and be sued in the name of the zone;
(7) Acquire or reclaim lands when incidental to the purposes of the zone and dispose of such lands as are surplus to the needs of the zone in the manner provided for the disposal of county property in chapter 36.34 RCW;
(8) Cooperate with or join with the state of Washington, United States, another state, any agency, corporation or political subdivision of the United States or any state, Canada, or any private corporation or individual for the purposes of this chapter;
(9) Accept funds or property by loan, grant, gift or otherwise from the United States, the state of Washington, or any other public or private source;
(10) Remove debris, logs, or other material which may impede the orderly flow of waters in streams or water courses: PROVIDED, That such material shall become property of the zone and may be sold for the purpose of recovering the cost of removal: PROVIDED FURTHER, That valuable material or minerals removed from public lands shall remain the property of the state;
(11) Provide grant funds to political subdivisions of the state that are located within the boundaries of the zone, so long as the use of the grant funds is within the purposes authorized under this chapter.


Severability1983 c 315: See note following RCW 90.03.500.
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