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Contents of rollAssessed, equalized value prima facie correctSeparate levies for prior indebtednessAdjustment of roll.

The roll of properties referred to in this chapter shall contain (1) a description of all properties and improvements thereon, with the name of the owner or the reputed owner thereof and his or her address as shown on the tax rolls of the assessor or treasurer of the county wherein the property is located, and (2) the determined value of such land and improvements thereon as last assessed and equalized by the taxing agencies of such county. Such assessed and equalized values shall be deemed prima facie as a just, fair, and correct base of value for consideration by the board in its determination ultimately of the just and correct base of value in each instance against which annual dollar rates shall be levied by the district for the operation of the district and the expansion and maintenance of its facilities.
If property outside of the territorial limits of the district are upon the roll as adopted ultimately, and the district has prior indebtedness existing, the board shall set up separate dollar rate levies for the retirement thereof until it is extinguished, which levies shall be applied solely against the properties within the territorial limits of the district. Adjustments of the roll shall be made before final adoption in such a manner that the money raised through annual dollar rate levies for maintenance, expansion, and operational costs of the district in no instance shall exceed the value of the service rendered or to be rendered and the benefit received and to be received by the property involved.


SeverabilityEffective dates and termination datesConstruction1973 1st ex.s. c 195: See notes following RCW 84.52.043.
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