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In the initial instance, when the board of any district, desires to use the method and procedure provided in this chapter, and in order that uniformity may be had, it may cause a roll of all properties within the district claimed to be benefited by its drainage system, and in addition or as a part thereof, a roll of all properties outside of the territorial limits of said district claimed to be served and benefited by the drainage systems of said district, to be prepared and filed with it. Thereupon, the board shall by resolution declare:
(1) That it has made initial determination that the district's facilities are furnishing and will furnish service and benefit to the properties, including improvements thereon, described in such roll;
(2) That such roll has been filed with it and will remain so filed and open to inspection by any party interested therein at all reasonable times;
(3) That a public hearing will be held by the board at a time and place stated to give consideration to the facts and make ultimate determination of the same and to said roll;
(4) That when said roll is finally adopted, annual dollar rate levies will be made by the district against said properties based upon the valuation thereof as shown on said roll when ultimately adopted to raise money based on benefit and service for the continuous operation and maintenance of said district;
(5) That at the time of hearing, it will hear all objections filed and will review, adopt, modify, or revise said roll consistent with existing facts to the end that property receiving service and benefit from the facilities of the district shall pay justly and equitably therefor in proportion to benefit received and;
(6) That upon said hearing or adjournments thereof, the board will determine the ultimate facts concerning service and benefit received by all properties ultimately contained in said roll and as to such properties it will adopt the roll in final form and proceed as in this chapter provided.


SeverabilityEffective dates and termination datesConstruction1973 1st ex.s. c 195: See notes following RCW 84.52.043.
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